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Wine Tastings Are $10.
One Tasting Fee Is Waived with a Minimum Wine Purchase of Two Bottles.
Join Us Upstairs in Our Guitar Lounge with Purchase of a Glass or Bottle of Wine.
Ask about our Complimentary Olive Oil Tasting.

Alicante Bouschet Rosé 2018  (Coming Soon)

100% Alicante Bouschet.  Alicante Bouschet is know for its big and bold fruit forward flavors that range from fresh jammy blackberries to black cherries. One of the few grapes that has red flesh, it also has a spicy and smoky profile.  You ask, how can such a bold and red grape be made into a delicious light rose? We harvest it at just the right time, and then whole cluster pressing lets it get the optimum flavor and aroma. While still reminiscent of the big and bold red wine that it is known for, you will enjoy a bright acidity with tart berries.  Pair it with your favorite summer fare.  This is a rare and unique approach to a Rosé.

ALC. 12% BY VOL.         $28 Bottle |  $10 Glass

GSM Rosé 2017

50% Grenache, 25% Syrah and 25% Mourvedre.  The Grenache dominates the nose with strawberry aromas.  The Syrah and Mourvedre bring cherries, watermelon rind and a little black pepper to the mix.  Versatile when paired with food, this fun wine is also great on its own.  It can be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif or accompanied with different light dishes, such as white meat, fish, seafood and pasta.

ALC. 13.7% BY VOL.         $28 Bottle | $10 Glass

Grenache 2015

Popular in the Southern Rhone region of France, Spain, Australia and Paso Robles. This red grape offers medium alcohol and low acidity, low tannins. With notes of raspberry or wild strawberry, with spice and earth, it pairs wonderfully with classic fall and winter dishes roasted vegetables, prime rib, rack of lamb and Beef Bourguignon.

ALC. 13.8% BY VOL.        $28 Bottle | $10 Glass

Tempranillo 2013

100% Tempranillo.  This black grape variety is grown to make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain. This wine features medium acidity, medium tannins and a dark red color. It boasts flavors of dark berries, plum and tobacco spice. Pair it with braised beef, lamb, roast chicken and turkey.

ALC. 13.1% BY VOL.        $28 Bottle | $10 Glass

Cabernet Franc 2015  (Coming Soon)

100% Cabernet Franc.  Another black grape variety this grape is typically grown for blending. This red grape is common to the Bordeaux and Loire regions of France but is also grown in California, Washington, New York, Italy and Canada. The characteristics of this wine are herbaceous, leafy, with notes of zesty raspberries and plums. The acidity and tannins are low to medium. Pair with lean roast beef, duck, pork and eggplant.

ALC. 14.0% BY VOL.        $28 Bottle | $10 Glass

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

100% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Cabernet Sauvignon is a red grape varietal known for its thick, durable skin, and the vine’s resistance to the elements. This is a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon with flavors of Black Cherry, Licorice and Black Pepper all wrapped together with a dash of Vanilla. Low in tannin and acidity. The classic pairing with Cabernet is lamb, but it goes well with almost any meat—beef, pork, venison, even rabbit.

ALC.13.7% BY VOL.         $28 Bottle | $10 Glass

Syrah 2014

100% Syrah.  Our flagship and our most full-bodied wine made popular in the Southern Rhone region of France offers flavors of blackberry, mint, black pepper, anise and earthy leather notes. With its high level of tannins and alcohol it pairs best with grilled meats with tomato based sauce, steak, duck sausages, venison, hard cheeses and mushrooms.

ALC. 14.7% BY VOL.        $39 Bottle | $12 Glass

Syrah 2015

100% Syrah.  Full-bodied wine made popular in the Southern Rhone region of France offers flavors of  violet, cola, barnyard saddle, cracked black pepper, smoke, licorice, cacao with earthy complexities and stricter tannins.

ALC. 14.7% BY VOL.        $39 Bottle | $12 Glass

Liquid Bondage 2017

White Port style dessert wine. Local Chardonnay grape fortified with a neutral Cognac from Napa.

ALC. 16% BY VOL.         $28 Bottle | $10 Glass

Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars Wine
Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars Wine